Have an inspirational story to tell? Bring it to life.

At Legacy of Valor, we understand that you have important and unique stories to tell. Our goal is to translate that history into an educational collectable that serves as an extension of your patron's visit.

We collaborate with you in the development of truly unique reproductions or scale replicas of clothing, accessories, artifact reproductions, scale figures and highly detailed scale vehicles. Every aspect of your product is developed exclusively for you and with the strictest attention to detail, authenticity and quality.

We bring over 25 years of product development and copy writing experience to every program we develop. We invite you to discover the retail opportunity that only a quality Legacy of Valor collectable can provide.

The process is simple:

One. We meet with you at your facility to become familiar with the history, interpretive material and artifacts on display.

Two. We discuss what person, place or thing would best represent the story you want your patrons to remember.

Three. We discuss your target audience and your merchandising goals for said product offering(s).

Four. We present a selection of product options, their respective costs and development time frames from which to choose.

Five. We develop a one-of-a-kind concept model of the reproduction or scale replica to be sold in your gift shop. In addition to developing the item itself, we work to portray its historical significance through package copy; the packaging can then also be further personalized with your sites’ logo and fund raising goals.

Six. We meet to present and discuss your custom one-of-a-kind concept model.

Seven. Adjustments and refinements are made to the concept as necessary.

Eight. A development schedule and product cost are developed.

Nine. A purchase order from your site initiates the production process.

Frequently asked questions:

Question: Can I be involved in the development process?

Answer: You can be as involved in the development process as you wish to be. We enjoy working interactively but can autonomously develop products as well. The choice of when and how to be involved is yours to make.

Question: How long does all of this take?

Answer: The construction of your one-of-a-kind model can normally be accomplished within 2-4 weeks. Production of your item varies with its manufacturing method.

Question: Are the custom developed products you develop expensive?

Answer: We possess expertise in an extremely broad range of manufacturing methods. We have extensive experience in paper, printing, “cut and sew” soft good products, numerous processes that yield plastic products and packaging. We’ll work with you to develop a desirable and compelling collectable that meets your merchandising goals.

Question: I am not familiar with the process of new product development. How complicated and potentially intimidating is it?

Answer: Our extremely creative and productive team embodies a full range of expertise and will ensure a smooth, enjoyable process and a superior quality end result.

Question: What are your credentials?

Answer: We collectively have degrees in Industrial Design (product design), Graphic Design and Advertising Copy Writing with over 25 years of corporate and consulting experience within industry leading companies like Hasbro Inc., Fisher Price Toys, MeadWestvaco and Rubbermaid consumer products. Since the inception of Legacy of Valor we have embarked on custom programs with dozens of entites within the Museum Store Association and the National Park Service.