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The Wright Brothers
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Pioneers of Innovation

The Wright Brothers


After years of tenacious work and dedication, on December 17, 1903, the Wright Brothers accomplished the historic feat of being the first to fly. These two young men from Dayton, Ohio combined knowledge gained from years of practical mechanical invention with creative inspiration to master the precise combination of scientific principles with man made components. From this unrivaled spirit of innovation was born a machine that could both defy gravity and control mankind's propulsion through the air. The packaging for these figures includes a history of the brothers' life and the unique series of events that led to their inspiration, their success, as well as a history of flight. The set includes both brothers in authentic 1900 clothing inclusive of tweed suits, shirts, ties, "newsboy" caps and shoes as well as a scale replica of the plans used to build the famous 1903 Flyer.

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