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WAAC: Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps
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WWII: Eleanor's Girls

WAAC: Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps

The Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps (WAAC) was officially formed in May of 1942. As with all branches of military service, the US Army was forced to deal with the shortage of male personnel, as WWII demanded that the majority of enlisted men report for active combat duty. The WAACs were needed to provide a variety of services ranging from clerical positions to highly trained technicians.

The WIRES (Women in Radio and Electrical Service) were a sub group of the WAAC that specialized in communications. Air WAACs had specialized duties in support of the Army Air Corps. Unlike WAVES or SPARS who worked strictly stateside, the WAACs were often assigned to overseas duties, but they were not given full military status and could not receive military honors, medals, or veterans rights. The recruited WAACs were generally well educated and out-performed many of their drafted male counterparts. They provided a formidable contribution to the war effort and were therefore disbanded in September of 1943 as the “Auxiliary” was dropped from the title and the newly formed WAC (Women’s Army Corps) was established with full military status given to its members.

Our WAAC includes the olive drab jacket and officer’s cap, along with the khaki blouse and skirt established as the Winter Officer’s Uniform worn in 1941. This Tribute to Valor Eleanor’s Girl represents the proud beginnings of a highly respected branch of our nation’s armed services.

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