Legacy of Valor

Throughout our nation's storied history courageous men and women have stepped forward to fulfill their role in our American heritage. Individuals from all walks of life and in varied circumstances have done their part to solidify the definition of an American. Each has a memory to share, a story to pass to our youth, a private perspective to add to our collective history.

Vintage Photo of Soldier For over 200 years Americans in peacetime and in war have willingly gone beyond expected limitations to develop a heritage of strength, bravery, and innovation. Ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances have left us an incredible legacy of valor.

Our Tribute to Valor

At Legacy of Valor, our goal is to create unique collectables with compelling stories and historically accurate details, which will both educate and serve as a lasting reminder of our American heritage. Each "Tribute to Valor" collectable is developed in cooperation with experts and those most intimate with the facts to ensure authentic detail and the best interpretive message of each person, place or event that is represented.

Airplane and figurine collectable In addition to preserving the memory of our nation's most triumphant moments, we also endeavor to donate a portion of our profits to each of the featured historic landmarks in support of their preservation efforts.